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What up Southern Fried Cheesesteak heads. Thanks for joining me on my new blog hosting site (how nerdy does that sound). Look for more of the same only better (not really but you know how you gotta throw in all that hyperbola crap).  I had to leave blogspot b/c I was truly tired of all the limitations. Well blogspot wouldn’t let me do shit anything. For example:

  • I can do strike throughs? I now know how Columbus felt when he discovered the world was not flat
  • Couldn’t upload video
  • Tired or arm-wrestling w/the format monster on that site; The formatting looked like it was done by my 6 year old niece
  • I grew tired of editing in HTML and I’m not even sure what that means
  • My legions of SFCS-heads couldn’t leave comments anymore

You can’t keep me away from the people and you can’t handcuff a man with my creative pedigree like that.  If nothing else, I am a man of the people and if my people can’t tell me how great my stuff is, than I don’t need you. The new site is up, the link is live and the wheels are churnin’. Keep checkin back or sign up for updates. Not sure how, but you are all far smarter than I, so I’m sure you can figure it out. As always you are appreciated and you will be recognized.

FYI, Michael Vick – don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. Based on Jeff Lurie’s “no tolerance” statement that he made when you signed, your time in Philly should be done. I’m sure the Raiders could use you.