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And Now A Word From Our Sponsor…

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Just had FOX Brothers BBQ on DeKalb Avenue in Atlanta. Holy crap BBQ!! Can’t put into words or begin to convey my emotions but if you discover that next week this blog has been changed to “Southern Fried Fox Brothers BBQ” you’ll know why.

Oh yeah, the Phils won 6-0 tonight.


My summer love…

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I think that people too often take the summer (not my Summa) for granted. First of all, any season where you can get away with wearing t-shirts, shorts and flip-flops everyday will always be great with me. I absolutely cherish every extra-minute of daylight we get and I love the warm weather. I understand if some of you are not with me on the last part of that statement, but that’s why we have things like pools, water ice, beaches, Gatorade and AC. Seriously, I hear people bitch and moan about the heat, but often these are the very same people who complain about the cold too. Can’t have it both ways. I openly loathe cold weather, but it’s balanced by my love of the heat. Summer means an influx of festivals, concerts and outdoor happenings. The music sounds a bit better, the wind more breezy, the stars brighter, the thunderstorms more intense and the tea a bit sweeter. Mix that in with longer days, a healthy tan, some beach runs, the sweet sounds of crickets, memories of carefree summer’s past and grilling out and I’m as happy as a pig in shit (to quote my father).  I mean look how happy the sun is during the summer. And thanks to my Summa J this summer has been the best summer of my life.

The summer also means that baseball takes center stage (when the World Cup isn’t going on). Sorry tennis, golf, NASCAR, UFC and under-water hop-scotch. And, as we’ve discussed before baseball is certainly a marathon season. I really try not to get too up or down until mid-August when playoff races start to heat up.  Right now the Phils are 7 back of the Braves who are fighting for the best record in the NL. Let’s be honest, the Braves are playing great ball right now and the Phils are not. Realistically we should be about 10 games out. For a team that used to mash with the best of them, we have become undisciplined hacks. Swinging at awful pitches often early in the count, and making dumb mistakes. Our inability to do anything with runners in scoring position, our pitchers leaving too many pitches up in the strike zone, our inability to hold a lead,  our hesitancy on the base paths – all makes for a confused looking team.  With the exception of Ryan Howard, Placido Polanco and Carlos Ruiz — our line-up has been a colossal disappointment this season. While Howard is hitting less HR’s, his average is up, his extra base hits are up, his strikeouts are down and his defense has improved significantly. We are lucky to have #6 in the middle of our line-up.

Will the Phils deal for Roy Oswalt as has been rumored? My feeling is no. For whatever reason I just can see this one. I don’t think the Phils will cave in to his demands to be guaranteed $16 million in 2012. I think we will add a pitcher – but I think it will be a late addition and it will be a shocker, much like Cliff Lee was last year. The Phils are looking for someone who will add to their rotation this year and next year. I just don’t think they are ready to pick up the HUGE option on what will be a 35-36 year old pitcher in 2012.  I also believe that Jayson Werth will be dealt and Domonic Brown will be brought up. Definitely interesting that they’ve had him play LF the past two games in Reading, when all along he has been a RF. Mind you Raul Ibanez “patrols” LF for us.   Curious to see what Werth nets us in terms of prospects.

My final thought: don’t give up on the Phils just yet. It’s not abnormal for teams to catch fire during the last two months of the baseball season and I believe the Phils are capable of this. Yes they play better second-half ball, yes they get some injured players back and yes they’ve been here before. While I don’t understand their lack of urgency, I definitely have not given up hope. It may look bleak for some Phils fans, but with 68 games remaining I urge you to see what the next month (and trade deadline) bring us. I think this team will go as J-Roll goes. Watch him closely.


Camp starts in 5 days. G-d I can’t wait.


So the NCAA wants to investigate the Dawgs attendance at some major agent’s party in Miami. Apparently one UGA player in question, AJ Green, was nowhere near Miami.  Green, who is apparently very much of a homebody was back at his home in South Carolina. The best part of this story is Michael Moore’s twitter response to this (below): 

Former Georgia wide receiver Michael Moore, Green’s teammate the past two seasons, said Wednesday night on Twitter: “Hahaha. This talk about A.J. is hilarious. That country boy ain’t never been to Miami!!! You can put those rumors to rest.”

It is not clear whether the NCAA informed Georgia which player or players it plans to interview.

In Other News:

  • I can no longer imagine my existence without a Whole Foods and a Trader Joe’s. I feel happier and healthier just being in those places.
  • Did you hear that scientists found a new monument that was just a few hundred yards from Stonehenge. The structure’s exact purpose is still a mystery, but it seems like Stonehenge was the place to be back in the day – as long as you weren’t the one being sacrificed.  Yes, Summer we can go visit later this year and yes we can take a plastic bucket and shovel to see what we discover.
  • I have a bad track record of hygiene related projects that go away. My favorite soap growing up was COAST. There was nothing better! You can still find COAST but the scent is slightly different and its been relegated to the dollar stores and discount racks, where you will also find my former favorite toothpaste: Aim.
  • Saw “Despicable Me” this past weekend – definitely much funnier than I thought it would be and sadly “Grown Ups” was horrible! I seriously don’t understand how you get a cast that good and produce a movie that lame.
  • Speaking of movie’s and my past, cannot wait for the new Captain America in 2011. Here’s a sneak peek of his outfit:
  • Why does a trip to Las Vegas ALWAYS seem like a great idea?
  • Today I heard Charles Barkley say that the inmates are running the asylum in professional hoops; Sir Charles must have forgotten when he demanded a trade out of Philadelphia in the early 90s.
  • Talking to my boy Steve-O, a diehard SFCS about the effect smartphones have had on common courtesy and it’s a sad state. I can’t tell you how much it irritates me when people whip out their iPhone/Droid to show me something while at a sit-down meal. Even worse if I see you punching on your phone while we are at dinner, expect to receive a Chuck Norris style roundhouse kick to the dome. Yes, you deserve it. Like Steve-O said (and Jerry Seinfeld before him) it’s not like I’m whipping out a newspaper while sitting at the table with you, but somewhere along the line it became socially acceptable to use your phone at the dinner table?  I don’t care that you have a fancy iPhone that can pick your ass for you and give you facebook updates. Everyone does. Exist people! 

What’s it Werth to You?

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To trade or not to trade Jayson Werth. That is the question. Although he played the first two months of the season at an MVP-worthy level, Werth has been in a tailspin ever since binocular-gate. Since June 28 our number five (aka Ryan Howard’s protection) hitter has just four more RBI’s than I do. While I won’t address the ridiculousness of the off-the-field rumors, since Chase Utley has been known to read this blog, I will say it’s looking more and more like the clock on J-Werth’s Philly career could strike 12 very shortly. 

SFCS-head Matt Money wants to keep his sources anonymous but he has told me via twitter email that J-Werth will be dealt before the July 31 deadline.  If it doesn’t work out with Phils, Werth can always become one of the Geico cavemen.

I know everyone love’s Dom Brown as Werth’s replacement. The 22-year old is #1 prospect in all of baseball and supposedly is a 6-tool player (all those other tools plus he’s humble). However, by dealing Werth we are trading our ONLY right handed bat with power. On a team that is grossly left-handed, yes Dom Brown bats lefty too, I don’t like what this will do to our line-up. If we can get a right-handed hitter and a AA-level prospect in return, I would be open to dealing Werth, but I’m just not on board yet. The truth is that he’s going to leave at the end of the year and people want something for him, which I get. Unfortunately GM Ruben Amaro dealt Cliff Lee under very similar circumstances and we see how well that’s worked.

Here’s something I don’t understand though. All Rube has talked about is adding starting pitching. Uh, Rube, not sure how many games you’ve watched this season, but our starting pitching has been the best part of our team. And while I don’t expect Jamie Moyer to keep up his stellar work – I think our starting pitching is much stronger than our bullpen right now. After everything that Brad Lidge has been through I don’t think his team still has confidence in him, regardless of what they say publicly. I would keep Lidge on a very, very short leash in the second half, while simultaneously looking to add a closer. I love Jokim Soria (KC) and Matt Capps (WAS) but we can’t get either one of those guys without tearing up the farm – and KC believes they can still make the wild card (insert jokes here). Maybe we give old buddy Eddie Wade a call and ask him about Matt Lindstrom since the Astros fadin’ fast.

The Phils absolutely must be better in the second half and based on history, they should be. Over the last three years, they have the third best second-half record in baseball (and best in the NL). Polanco comes back next week, Ruiz, Durbin and Madson all came back this week. JA Happ reportedly was hitting 92-95 MPH on his fastball at AAA, so he should be back within a week and Chase had his cast removed yesterday, so I’m predicting he will be back in 3-4 weeks. Should be an interesting second half of the summer.


Camp starts in 11 days and in addition to Kolb replacing a Philly legend (for better or worse) at QB, this should make for an intriguing training camp. I will be playing special attention to the following:

  • Who will be starting DB opposite Asante Samuel (don’t ask me why but I have a sneaking suspicion that fourth-round draft pick Trevard Lindley could be the starter before mid-season)
  • How will Nate Allen do as a starting rookie Safety?
  • How much will rookies Brandon Graham, Daniel Te’o-Nesheim and Riley Cooper contribute?
  •  Who will be our starting center?
  • Michael Vick & Kevin Kolb – BFF, really?
  • Will our new linebackers actually be able to cover anyone?

I seriously cannot wait for July 27.

In Other News:

  • Wouldn’t the world be a better place if people didn’t piss you off before making things better. For example, since I’m rolling in dough from my blogging prowess I was able to pay a sizeable credit card off this month (did you read that, Mom). Despite paying my debt off, I got a bill today for finance charges. I call up my credit card company and I am literally ready to rip someone’s head off. After sitting on hold for 15 minutes, my blood pressure settles and after explaining the woman my situation to the woman she explains she’ll “kindly” remove the charges for me. Um, dear credit card shit-brains, did you think for one minute I was going to be “just okay” with paying interest on a card with no balance? I mean, yeah I’ve been paying interest for months, so they figure why not tack on another month. Oh and I fully expect to receive another statement next month stating that I don’t have a balance. Again, thanks.
  • Why do people wear sunglasses inside? Please explain this to me. Unless you have some type of Macular Degeneration or sensitivity to the light if I see you wearing sunglasses inside, I’m swingin’
  • Counting Crows are my one of my favorite groups, but damn they are a lazy band. They put out CD’s every 5-6 years and although they tour a lot and their shows are PHENOMENAL, I know I’m not gonna hear anything new on the tour. Yes Adam Duritz is a brilliant lyricist and performer, but he loves to say how they are always out on the on road and how tired they are from this non-stop music thing. And the funny thing is, that Summa J and I will still probably shell out our hard-earned bucks to go see a show very similar to the one we saw last summer and the summer before that. They are either that damn good or we are just that damn weak. Maybe I’ll just put the tickets on my credit card.
  • Ever since getting married, I’ve learned to appreciate the weekends much more. Sometimes I wonder if I’m regressing in terms of my maturity. I mean on one hand, Summa J and I are picking out China patterns and geting our house painted, but on the other hand we still give people and animals random nicknames and make fun of anything flatulent or bowel-related.
  • Am I the only one who doesn’t understand the previews to Inception? Great reviews, but what?
  • There’s a phenomenal article in Sports Illustrated a few weeks ago about the oil spill in the Gulf. I encourage all of you to read it.
  • Is there anything more lame than the ESPY’s? Oh yeah, The Decision 2010
  • Part of me finds it amusing that the iPhone 4 is having major reception issues. To these tech-junkies who have an insatiable thirst for the next-big-thing and traded in their perfectly functioning iPhone for the newer version — this rant was directed at you. You are probably the same jabroni’s who download that application telling me where you are at all times on facebook. I’m guessing you are also wearing sunglasses inside too.
  • Ken Griffey Jr has always been one of my favorite non-Phillie ball players. Love this good-bye commercial by nike:
  • Guest Rant of the Week: my boy and SFCS-head Derrick H heard that Penny Hardaway was thinking about a comeback once he heard Lebron James and Chris Bosh signed with the Heat. Keep in mind Penny hasn’t played in 3 years. No word on Rony Seikaly and Eddie Jones’ return. Here’s an email that he sent me: Really Penny Hardaway, you looked a team that has 3 of the top 15 players in the league and thought to yourself “I could  be really good in that system?” Really Penny Hardaway, you haven’t played in 3 years, but suddenly you have an interest in playing again for the Heat? Really Penny Hardaway, there are lots of teams that could use veteran players; but I wonder why you chose the Heat?. Really? The Clippers need help Penny. Funny, you didn’t look at their situation and think you could help. The Sixers need help. You didn’t think about them either. The Kings? The T-Wolves? No. None of these teams interest you? Just the Heat?Really Penny Hardaway, did you really compare your possible return to MJ and Favre’s returns? Really!!!!!!!!! What an a$$ clown!!!!!     

King No Mo

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I know this is a Philly blog and always will be but I just have to get this off of my chest.

I absolutely loathe the circus that Lebron James is making of his big announcement. Clearly he feels he is bigger than the game as he has coordinated a one hour SPECIAL with ESPN about “The Decision 2010,”  to let you know where he is going to play basketball. Are you kidding me? The legends that have come before him have never made such a circus out of the game and it’s disgusting. The guy has won nothing!!!! This is part of the reason why the NBA sucks right now. I could honestly care less about where this guy plays – especially because the Sixers gave some terrific contracts to guys like Elton Brand and Andre Iguodala, but today is Lebron bashing day (we’ll let Eddie Stefanski off the hook right now).

Although early indications are that he will sign in Miami (to join Chris Bosh and Dwanye Wade), I will lose nearly all respect for him if he doesn’t resign with Cleveland. If you look at the greatest players in the history of the sport (Russell, Wilt, West, Cousy, Doc, Bird, Jordan, Kobe, Willie Green) they all won championships by making their own teams better. If James abandons Cleveland and jumps ship, especially to an already loaded Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls team to win a title, will that tarnish his legacy. ABSOLUTELY. It’s almost like he’s saying he can’t do it himself, so he needs to join forces with 2 of the top 10 players in the league to make it happen.

I am in no way, shape or form would EVER call myself a Kobe Bryant fan. However, I give the man his due because he’s proven he can win championships. I think it used to be about stats for Kobe, but I really think it’s about championships now. And while he got a HUGE lift from Shaq, Gasol and others — he never did this whole disgusting 1-hour of self-promotion regarding where he is going to play ball. You pick a team and you play ball for them. You build a winner. James is a great individual talent. A freak with amazing basketball skills. No question, but in my mind he is not among the all-time greats and I don’t think he’s the best player playing right now.  I think he loves the role of being thought of as the best, but I don’t believe he deserves the crown.

And the ridiculousness of “I’m going to donate the proceeds I get from sponsors to charity” is nauseating at best. Here’s a thought, mr. altruism — why don’t you donate a sum of that MASSIVE contract to a charitable organization in need. What a novel concept. Sure you might only make $85 million instead of $90 (don’t forget endorsements), but I somehow think you can find a way to soldier on.

So after failed attempts to bring Cleveland a title, after leaving the floor following Orlando’s thrashing of your team, the 60 minutes piece on you, and now your 1-hour “I’m going to make my announcement on ESPN” dance – unless he resigns with Cleveland and brings them a title or two, I don’t think going to an already loaded team to create a possible dynasty will do much to bolster your legacy. And potentially you will leave your hometown Cavs in shambles. Maybe I’m wrong and maybe he’s got people in his ear giving him bad advice. Maybe he’ll end up resigning with Cleveland. Either way, this thing rubs me the wrong way and at the end of the day, King James character is proving to be all style and much less substance. 

Damon Evans, you ain’t…

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Love ALL the feedback everyone. Thanks and keep it coming.

When you think your world is going horribly wrong, at least you aren’t this guy. Damon Evans who “graciously” volunteered to hold his 28-year old companion’s panties, while his wife and two children were asleep in their Athens home, “resigned” as UGA AD yesterday. No shocker there, but I do like that he asked the officer if he could just drop him off at a hotel.  There are many shames to this story and for the life of me, I don’t know how someone who had it so good, makes these kind of decisions. On the eve of a 5 year/$3.25 million contract Evans couldn’t keep it together. I feel bad about it. I feel for his family and I feel for him in a weird sort of way. Yes, he  deserves to be the butt of all the jokes, but I can’t imagine having everything and then losing it all just like that. I mean, we have all probably driven when we had a little too much to drink (Mom, ignore that sentence if you decide to read this blog). Although I don’t know anything about Evans family life, I simply couldn’t imagine doing something like that to my family (ever — you hear that Summa. Eva!!!).  The not-so-subtle bribe attempt was the final nail to his UGA story. But when you hear the guy was sobbing uncontrollably when tossed into the pen, I can only imagine the stark reality had set it. Either that or he had a good look at his cell mate.


Awesome 92-pitch performance by our ace Roy Halladay last night over the first place Braves.  There is a TON of smack-talking down here from some of the Braves fans, which is what you do when you have been irrelevant for a while.  Congrats on the vice-like grip 2 game lead you have at the beginning of July. Personally, I wouldn’t be proclaiming the end of the Phils dominance just yet, but do as you please. Just know that the Phils will eventually get healthy and historically we are a MUCH better second-half team. You’ll be happy to know that Chase Utley is reportedly ahead of schedule could return in 5 more weeks. I forget do they award playoff spots based on first-half play?

Regarding the All-Star selection of Ryan Howard over Joey Votto – yeah, it makes sense to me. It sucks for Votto because he is quite possibly the MVP of the fist half, but as Charlie put it, “Ry-in is ma guy.” Translation, I’d much rather have a happy Ryan Howard on my team and a slighted Votto on another team I don’t need to worry about right now. Maybe ol’ Uncle Charlie is a bit smarter than we realized.

By the way, I’d love to see Scott Matthieson and his 98 MPH heater given an opportunity to be our closer.


Evan Turner had an okay start with 12 pts, 8 rebs, 5 assists in his first summer league game. Turner apparently looked a bit rusty and needs to get his legs back under him, which makes sense since he probably hasn’t played 5-on-5 in about 3 1/2 months. Jrue Holiday and Jodie Meeks also had very strong showings, but come on are we really going to get overly excited about summer league.


This just in – rookies report for training camp in three weeks. G-d I love football.

In Other News

  • I can’t imagine not being in the good ol’ USA over July 4. It’s one of my favorite holiday celebrations and this year it did NOT disappoint. I met the lovely Summa J after running the peachtree, then we went to the pool, a BBQ and then the fireworks. Even caught my special girl clapping at the fireworks to which we both found hysterical.
  • If you could enter a food eating contest – what would it be? Meaning, what kind of food eating contest could you win? Mine is either water ice or peppermint patties – I’m as good as it gets.
  • Speaking of food eating contests – this is an incredible story about Kobayashi who was arrested after storming the stage following another Coney Island title for Joey Chestnut. My prediction is that next year when he storms the stage he wears a mask. This is great stuff:
  • For those Atlantans – ask anyone who ran the Peachtree what their time was and I can promise you they will knock about 2 minutes off their actual time to sound more impressive.
  • The other day, I heard a weatherman (or meteorologist, if you prefer) say that the weather would be partly cloud and that “it may rain, it may not but be prepared for each.” Are you freaking kidding me — how can anyone get paid for such a half-assed job?
  • Can you believe JaMarcus Russell? Has a top pick ever fallen so quickly (and subsequently eaten SO much)
  • I could care less about the circus known as NBA free agency. I think these guys are ego-maniacs and that they know exactly where they want to go but they relish seeing their names mentioned and speculated everywhere.
  • Summa J and I walked by a BP on our way to the fireworks and a guy who worked there said, “how are you?” I wanted to respond by saying, well it’s the nation’s birthday, yet your shit-for-brain company still can’t figure out to stop leaking oil into the Gulf and destroying people’s lives, ecosystems, and beautiful beaches, but other than that, I’m great. Of course, it isn’t his fault and I showed compassion and restraint by answering, “I’m doing great, thanks. How are you?”
  • Can someone explain how my Mom forwards me multiple emails each day, yet doesn’t find time to read my blog? That’s my family!
  • Saw “Alice in Wonderland” this weekend and hated it. Great effects, but this has always been one of my least favorite kids stories, so you can imagine how pumped I was when I was outvoted 3-1 to watch this movie. The best part of the movie was that a friend had a bootleg version of the film and during the movie you could see several shadows get up and walk out. This was seriously the best part of the film. Truly life imitating art.


Too Early for the Fat Lady…

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Summa J, Wayna J, Derek “Sky falling” and Steve-O thanks for the feedback on the new site. Always appreciate the love.

The Phils

I’m growing really tired of the baseball pundits talking about how the Phillies just cannot overcome Chase Utley’s thumb injury. Yes, he is supposed to be out 6-8 weeks. Yes, he is one of the leaders and probably the best overall player on our team, and yes this is a big loss. Yes, we now have eight players on the DL. Howeva, I really don’t think these so-called experts gives the Phightin Phils enough credit. Quick recap:

  • Three straight NL East Titles
  • Two National League Pennants
  • One World Series Championship

Let’s get something straight right now. This team is loaded with talent. While losing Chase Utley is a colossal loss – does a team that still includes: Howard, J-Roll, Werth, Victorino, Halladay, Hamels and Polanco really suddenly start to suck? It’s amazing how everyone thinks this team’s season is done. If nothing else this team has shown incredible resiliency through the years. They will kick, scratch and crawl for everything and if not for a one month swoon where the offense went on sabbatical, we would still be in first place. Make no mistake about it — this team is far from done. We have too much talent and too much pride. If we can hang around and stay within striking distance during July, I think we’ll be well positioned come August. If the Braves and Mets don’t carve out some serious distance between us and them now, I believe they will live to regret it come mid August, when I expect to have a healthy Utley returning.

Further our team should get a boost in the coming weeks with the return of Ryan Madson, JA Happ, Chad Durbin, Carlos Ruiz and Placido Polanco. I also think we will acquire someone like Jose Lopez and the deadline.

Mark my words, Chase Utley will not miss the full 8 weeks and the Fat Lady ain’t ready to sing on the Phils season. Can’t wait to see the pundits choking on their crow.

The Dawgs

Damon Evans – what the hell were you thinking? I understand that Evans is coming off as the ultimate hypocrite, and I assure you that any problems he might have with UGA are nothing compared to the explaining he’ll have to do to his wife. Such as, why he had a 28-year-old girl was in the passenger seat at 12:30 AM, swerving around the streets of Buckhead, while his family was home in Athens. Michael Adams wrath will be nothing compared to what you face at home, Mr. Athletic Director, and that should be punishment enough.

While I don’t think Evans should be fired, I think the public outcry is so great that he will be fired. People make mistakes. His was big, but so much of what our society loves is a comeback story. Have you not been captured by VH1’s Behind the Music? The one on Motley Crue was tremendous. Did Evans screw up? Absolutely, but his track record prior to that was without a blemish. Unfortunately, I do think public pressure (ie: see major UGA donor’s) will be too great. Remember when Vince Dooley called Damon Evans the “Her-shaw Walk-ka” of AD’s?


So if the Flyers aren’t going to get a better goalie, then their plan is to strengthen the defense. I like this approach, especially when I saw the list of  retreaded garbage they were considering. I like Shelley, O’Donnell and the trade for Meszaros — I just don’t love committing three years to Shelley. He’s an enforcer, which is something we sorely lacked against the Hawks. Time will tell. I won’t be shocked to see them make another big move since they are loaded at center.


So, the Iggles are showing far more patience with Michael Vick than I would. Zero tolerance means just that. The fact that there was a shooting at his birthday party and he may or may not have been involved is just more than I can handle now. He is due a big roster bonus in July so it will be interesting to see how this shakes out. Mr. Garcia, please pick up the white courtesy phone to your left.

Saw that former bird Bobby Taylor is attempting a comeback at 36, after being out of the league for six years. Message, to BT, I tried a baseball comeback at 13, after missing 4 years and it was a disaster. Stay retired, sir.

World Cup

The Brazil-Netherlands game was a real treat to watch. Fast, physical and “brilliantly played” to quote the great Tommy Smyth. As I watched Brazil’s first goal, I asked myself if the US would ever be able to score a goal like that. A perfectly timed run and one-touch strike for a goal.  Maybe one day, USA.

I’m also really looking forward to the Germany-Argentina game. Argentinian coach Maradona might be the best promoter this side of Don King. His taunting of the German team is classic.

Holy crap cow the Dutch just pulled off the upset of the tourney. Ding-dong Brazil is dead.

In Other News:

  • Yesterday the house right across from us, in our complex, was broken into during the day so everyone is on heightened awareness. Last night, Comet started barking incessantly at 1:30 AM and I went down stairs to check everything out. My weapon of choice? A hammer. Criminals beware!
  • I’ve never seen a dog more unspired relaxed around a vacuum cleaner than Comet
  • Why do people clap while watching fireworks? Fireworks have no feelings and the people launching them can’t hear anything anyway.
  • Is there any better July 4 food than Watermelon? If there is, I want to meet it
  • Summer and I recently watched Star Wars at Screen on the Green. Amazing how captivating that movie is 33 years later. Perhaps most satisfying is that now that I explained the perils and pitfalls between the Dark Side and The Rebel Alliance to Summer – I’m convinced Star Wars has made it into her top 10.
  • Speaking of Star Wars is there a better commercial than this: