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Change. And nothing stays the same. Unchained yeah you hit the ground running.

That’s right boys and girls of the big top – the rumors of a David Lee Roth-led Van Halen studio reunion are in fact true! Granted VH has gotten back together and broken up nearly as many times as a famous Mississippi QB has retired/un-retired, but at least we have hope! Does VH have anything left? Will Dave and Eddie be able to co-exist? Can child prodigy Wolfgang Van Halen carry the base-thumping melodies that Michael Anthony never seemed to get enough credit for? Will Gary Cerone make a guest appearance (G-d let’s hope not!).

According to this article a new album will be out to in 2011 – just in time before the world ends (according to my wife).


Still two games out, still trying to get healthy, remarkably we are 6-2 since Ryan Howard got injured last weekend. A big series this week with the Dodgers, followed by a trip to lovely Citi Field. Phils also sent down John Mayberry Jr yesterday and will call up someone later this week. My money is on left-handed reliever Antonio Bastardo who has been killing it at AAA.

Shane-O-Vic should return to action this weekend. Ryan Howard is off the crutches and could return in two weeks. Captain Chase is still looking like a late August/early September call-up. Just in time to rock my Chase jersey.


Eagles first pre-season game this Thursday against the Jags. Traditionally we are as vanilla as it gets during the pre-season and you have to hope you just make it out injury-free. Lots of pulls and minor injuries at training camp so far but nothing any other team hasn’t dealt with.


Read today that Vance Cuff, Dawgs DB ran a 4.24 40. Consider this, in the time that it takes you read this sentence Cuff could have already run the length of the football field. Let’s hope he can cover a little better than last year and we might be on to something.

In Other News:

  • Re-entered the world of baking for the first time in 30-years. My first project was a banana bread and seriously, it was slamming.
  • Went to a dinner party the other night and a few friends gave me a hard time about my blog and the inactivity that was southernfriedcheesesteak. I quickly won that battle when I informed them that I moved the site about 2 months ago.
  • Why does every handyman want to tell you their life story? There’s no greater consistency than a chatty handyman, well maybe a clueless weatherman.
  • I think last night’s Entourage was the best episode in two years. It was phenomenal with all of the necessary ingredients for success – lots of Johnny Drama, a bitter and groveling Ari and a cracked out Vince. Mix in the return of Billy Walsh and Tweeter (from Varsity Blues character) and viola – Entourage, welcome back.
  • Just in time for the NFL season, Summer and I just had a new TV installed in our bedroom. Don’t think this timing was a coincidence. And, Comcast was here early – talk about a good day!
  • Watched “The Ultimate Catch” last night with Summer, which cracked me up. My wife proclaimed Ocho Cinco the black Brett Michaels but my favorite thing about Ocho is when he talks about “Blessing” people with anything he gives them. The one thing I didn’t follow was that one of his buddies who helped him judge had to leave for training camp. I guess Coach Lewis has given Chad a pass since he’s looking for love and everything.
  • Think our dog Comet is finally at the age where she trusts us and needs us. We ran around a dog park yesterday and she followed me along the trail everywhere I went. Four months ago, she would have tried to hop the fence in hot pursuit of either a squirrel, a bumble bee or a falling leaf. I think our doggie has finally arrived. Cobi, I still miss you big time, buddy.




Foul Gate…

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Fair or foul? Yes, it certainly looks like a blown call, though the first bounce off the bat appears close, as SFC-reader Derrick H points out.

I’m not going to sit here and argue that MLB needs instant replay or lament on how the call affects the balance of power in the NL East. It’s one game in a 162 game season. At the end of the night the Fightins are still 2 games behind the Braves.

What is undeniable is the hilarity that ensued while I listened to the Marlins announcers last night on MLB-TV. For your listening pleasure you MUST check this out. Specifically listen to their reaction at :38 seconds — they sound like 7 year old kids who had their candy stolen. Sorry Marlins, don’t hate the playa, hate the game (or the fact you play in front of 739 fans a night).

Hope Springs Eternal…

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The Phils deal for Mike Sweeney tells me that Ryan Howard could be out longer than the initially projected 10 days.  Howard’s injury makes Jayson Werth the lone Phillies starter who hasn’t spent any time on the DL this season. Pretty remarkable and somewhat ironic that he was the guy the Phils were trying to trade prior to Shane Victorino’s injury. Sweeney, a 6-time All-Star, has had a very good career but at 37 how much does he have left? I think he will be a good right-handed bat off the bat and along with Ross Jacobs Gload they will be a decent stop-gap till #6 returns. Again, two games out while missing 1/3 of our starting line-up ain’t bad. Latest rumor is that Captain Chase will return toward the end of this month.  Now, if we could just find someone to close…


Eagles Flight Night takes place tonight, which is basically the equivalent of a flag football game. Last year, MLB Stewart Bradley tore his ACL, so lets hope we come out of this practice happy and healthy.  Funny how optimistic everyone is at Eagles camp though. After Donovan was dealt and during the draft there was a lot of negative talk around the Eagles and now everyone believes in Kevin Kolb. I just need to see more of him before I can make determine his future. Our offensive line really concerns me, as does our secondary, but alas hope springs eternal in Lehigh and throughout the Delaware Valley for the Birds.


Speaking of hope – spirits are super-high in Athens with highly touted QB in Aaron Murray, an insanely experienced o-line, an All-American and future 1st round pick in WR AJ Green and the implementation of Todd Grantham’s 3-4 defense. Our defense will be markedly improved this Fall and within two years, I believe we will have one of the top defenses in the country. We have the athletes, the speed and now we need to execute in the right scheme to unleash the pain. Can’t wait to see what Justin Houston does in the 3-4. I think the Dawgs will have a very nice bounce-back year, but G-d help us if Aaron Murray goes down.

Speaking of the Dawgs, set your DVR’s for 10 pm this Saturday night for SportSouth’s “Under the Lights” which is a 30-minute show following the Dawgs off-season training, included the dreaded Mat Drills (the legendary conditioning drills Richt has put has players each February). It’s all about “finishing the drill.” I guarantee this will provide you with a few vomit shots, so careful not to watch while eating.

In Other News:

  • The other day I tried to write down my 10 favorite songs of all-time, only to come to the conclusion that it’s pretty much impossible to do this. Before I knew it, I was at 15 songs and still going strong
  • I’m actually enjoying this season’s “Is Brett Favre retiring” reality show. Why? Because it proves how pathetic the media have become. Favre “allegedly” sends a text stating “this is it,” and the media take this to mean he’s finally retiring for good this time. ESPN sends a battalion of reporters out from coast to coast, runs all of their Favre “through the years” footage for two days straight. And guess what — Brett’s coming back if he’s healthy. I absolutely love it! I’d do the same thing to them. Don’t get me wrong, Favre is as self-centered as it gets, but I am laughing hysterically as ESPN and every other major news network who gave this story more than 30 seconds has shit all over their face. Nice journalism work, everyone. Here’s your check.
  • Don’t ever try to cover a Bob Marley song – unless your last name is Marley; And if you are white, just don’t sing reggae ever unless you are Mattisyahu
  • Why are Adam Sandler and Steve Carell no longer capable of making movies that don’t suck?
  • Good news: Japanese eating champion Kobayashi is out of trouble. A judge in Brooklyn court said the case will be purged from Kobayashi’s record if he stays out of trouble for six months. A relieved and jovial Kobayashi said afterward that he would. “I’ve been up all night, nervous about the outcome,” he said through an interpreter. “So now, I’m thinking about what I want to eat. … Steak.”  Remember Kobayahi bum-rushed the Cooney Island Hot Dog Eating contest after he and the contest promoters couldn’t agree on a contract. This guy rules. Wonder who could play him in a movie about himself. Adam Sandler anyone?
  • Seth Meyers, Keenan Thompson, Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig are the best thing to happen to SNL since Ace and Gary the Ambiguously Gay Superhero Duo. And that skit was animated.
  • Great TD celebration. Your turn Ocho Cinco:
  • First Lebron leaves Cleveland now this. Craziest facebook story EVVVAAA:
  • Want a great take on A-Roid and his 600th HR, go to my boy E’s blog:

Boss, ze plane…

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Since we last talked so much has happened in the Philly/UGA sports scenes.

Roy Oswalt is now our highest paid sacrifice bunter. The Phils find themselves without the services of Shane-o-Vic, Captain Chase and now Ryan Howard. Yet they are still just 2.5 (Come on sorry ass Mets) 3 games out of first in the NL East.  Oswalt gets roughed up in his Phils debut and JA Happ tossed a gem for the Stros. Still that’s a deal the Phils HAD to make. Sadly, they did ZILCH to address their biggest weakness — the bullpen and while I love their starting pitching staff, Brad Lidge just doesn’t have it anymore. Charlie Manuel, love him, hate him or unsure about him, is fiercely loyal to his players and he keeps trotting ol’ Blown Save Brad out there. Lidge has lost 3-4 miles on his 96 MPH heater and teams are teeing off on him. When his slider is on, he’s still tough — but his slider is as consistent as Delta’s on-time departures. I’d like to see the Phils give hard-throwing Scott Mattieson a shot at closer or at the very least, give Jose Contreras the ball.

Thank you to the best sis-in-law and father-in-law in the world for taking Summer and I to the Phils game – Diamond Club level in the 15th row. We got to see Roy Halladay work his magic and the electric debut of Domonic Brown. Simply awesome. Check out this picture I took of Brown’s first hit (a double high off the right field fence).


Brandon Graham and Nate Allen are both making much more money than I, and more importantly are showing early signs that both can be significant contributors to a refurbished Eagles defense.

Lots of little injury-camp type of injuries early on in camp. Key birds Stewart Bradley, Asante Samuel, DeSean Jackson and Stacy Andrews all are currently sitting out practice. Not to mention the rehabbing Todd Heremans and Jamal Jackson. These injuries are typical of camp. Hamstrings, groin, quad pulls — all stuff that just happens at camp.

I’ve heard that Riley Cooper, Graham and Kurt Coleman are both having exceptional camps,  which is great news. Keep an eye on man-beast Jeff Owens. He will make the team on brute strength alone.


Mad props to UGA for coming in as the #1 party school in America. Hey if you can’t win a national title, party like the best of em’.

Hopefully the Dawgs will not be partying like animals this football season b/c we are going to need everyone on board in order to achieve success this season. I’m psyched about Todd Grantham’s 3-4 defense and equally as excited to watch our insanely experienced o-line blow open holes for Caleb and Washaun, and hopefully they can protect Aaron Murray. After him, there’s not too much left. Also VERY curious to see who our starting safety will be opposite Bacarri Rambo. 

In Other News – Airline Travel Special:

  • There are some truly GREAT people in my life – whether you live down south or up north, I often wish I could bring everyone together in one place, but it also feels really good to have such great friends in both places.
  • I don’t think there’s a more inefficient industry than the airline industry. I think this feeds into my fear of flying. It really is miraculous that so many planes take off and land safely.  Between security to the pilots, to air traffic control to the people who load luggage and conduct safety checks on the plane, and everyone in between. It’s amazing and yet somewhat concerning to me that these massive metal objects provide us with the miracle of air travel.
  • Speaking of pilots, nothing does more to dissuade my confidence in a pilot then when he announces it should be a smooth flight and 15 minutes in you are wondering why you decided to fly. This inspires the same trust level that a tour guide at universal receives when she says, “we’re just going to take this short cut through the water and I don’t think any sharks will attack our jitney today.”
  • Speaking of good friends, B-train, D-Nice, E-rock and I had a one hour discussion on flying. Seriously, this could have been made into a 1-hour made for TV special. What I realized is that fearing turbulence might just be a DE thing.  
  • On my return flight to Atlanta, I had a seat in the middle with an obnoxious woman on the window. When the plane landed and got to the gate, she immediately stood up and kept saying excuse me like she wanted to get by. I, of course, heard her but put my headphones on pretending I didn’t. This charade went on for 10 minutes. I mean, where the hell did she think she was going? We were in row 32, she chose the window seat and now she wants to be the first one in the aisle? Really.
  • You would think after all these years the airline industry would come up with a more efficient way to exit the flight. Of course, this is the same industry that uses such creative terms as “de-plane” and “seat back” as part of their everyday lexicon.
  • Why don’t they have a separate baby section on the plane? I’m serious. They should create a small sound-proofed area of the plane where all crying and screaming kids must sit with their parents. I’m prepared to make that sacrifice (one day) and so should you.
  • I seriously hate when someone leaves their cell phone on during the flight. Summer finds this to be hilarious – but I seriously wanna go “air marshall” on their ass. Basically they are saying, my personal needs are more important than your safety.