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Wanna Know What I Want You to Know…

Posted: 11/09/2010 in Uncategorized

After a long hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m back but not quite where you left me. When you last left your (self-professed) favorite blogger, I was predicting a Phillies NLCS win over the Giants, talking Eagles QB controversy, sick about the Dawgs, educating you about the next big Flyers star, Bob,  and fearful of a pathetic Sixers squad. Hmm, not much has changed there.

The real reason I decided to write was due to a conversation I had with my buddy this AM. I’ll refer to him as Shlomo because, 1 – I always wanted a friend named Shlomoe, and 2 – to protect his anonymity. Shlomo and I regularly have great conversations and today’s exchange turned towards the world of blogs. Here’s the funny thing about blogs – they are very much in the same vein as twitter and facebook. It used to be cool to have a blog, now everyone and their mama has one. It’s about four years beyond being novel or creative. Think about blogs. Basically, I ONLY write about the information I want to share with you. Is this really a representation of me? G-d I hope not, but it’s fun to sit here and try to come up with shit to write and then wonder:

  • Did that sound witty?
  • Was that thought-provoking?
  • Did I punctuate everything correctly?
  • Will anyone read this? 

At least those are the four thoughts that usually enter my busy, little mind. As I sit here contributing to the “patheticism” that social networking has become (I just found some belly button lint, and now I’m going to tweet about it), the truth is anyone who readily updates facebook, twitter or writes a blog is SCREAMING to be noticed (present company included). This is the raw truth. I think that’s why I took a blogcation (feel free to use that word I just made up – see how creative I am).  I wanted to simply “exist” again and not feel compelled to write about everything I experienced. I was kind of over myself.  When people used to experience some type of emotion, life changing event or simply wanted to express themselves – what did they do before the era of social networking? I think we ”Just Did It” (maybe Nike should sponsor my blog) and that was real, and it was raw. Now when we experience something we want the world to know about it, and I wonder if that cheapens our ability to genuinely feel that very emotion we used to naturally be able to feel.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hold any ill will for those who live in the social networking worlds. Hell, I’m one of you us. But I also refuse to let any of this consume me. 

 Here’s What I Want You to Know:

  • The Eagles are a fun team to watch. I know some of you hate Michael Vick and my opinion of him remains the same (he deserves another chance, but he won’t ever be one of my favorite players). That being said, the way this team is playing is exciting as hell. They remind me of the Randall Cunningham led Eagles, minus the dominant defense. So many weapons on offense and they are a very fun team to watch. They have a very young swagger to them and I hope that the fans continue to support them, which I believe they will. I don’t see Superbowl in their future, but I do like the direction they are heading in. Heck, even my Mom, commented what a big Asante Samuel fan she is. Totally know what she’s getting for Channuka.
  • I think the Dawgs will play tough this weekend against the number 1 team in the country, but Cam Newton will eventually win out. Expect a high-scoring game since Auburn doesn’t play defense.
  • Speaking of Cam Newton – I’m not buying all of the garbage spewed by UF about him cheating while in school there. Apparently “sources” are already retracting their story. Good ol’ responsible journalism.
  • The Social Network – a very interesting look into the character of Mark Zuckerberg, but I don’t understand all the hype. Summa J and I both agree it was good, but worthy of all that hype? We weren’t feeling it
  • If I was a dog and my new iPhone was a dog, I’d say we are very much in the butt-sniffing stage right now. Some days I’m amazed and others, I’m simply amazed I don’t throw it out the window.
  • Have you heard the new Michael Jackson song, “Breaking News.” I’m in the Jackson’s corner that I’m not 100% sure that’s MJ’s voice:
  • I believe one key of happiness is surrounding yourself with people who are better than you are. And by better, I mean better. This is something I do exceptionally well.
  • I was asked to be in a wedding recently (which is very cool) and was told I would be wearing Ivory shoes (which is even cooler).
  • Please tell me everyone saw the footage from Andy Reid from the Punt, Pass and Kick competition in 1971. Holy shit, he was like a real life Shrek:
  • The other day I explained to Summa J the importance of keeping your car in the garage during the winter. It’s official, I have become my father.
  • Was Donovan a product of Andy Reid’s system or was Reid’s record a product of Donovan’s skills? My opinion is that Donovan worked in Andy’s system but it’s incredible to watch what is happening with #5 down in DC.  I’m starting to think maybe this front office knows more than I give them credit for and that trade is looking like a stroke of genious given the way Nate Allen has played (yes you called it Bennie Cohen – what up Cobi).