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Groundhog Day – The Joe Banner Story…

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Outside of signing the Taliban to play offensive line, I can never foresee a situation where I’m not pulling for the Eagles. That being said between turning your o-line coach into your defensive coordinator – yes, Andy you are smarter than everyone b/c no ONE has ever made such a bold move – and the smugness of Joe Banner telling fans there’s not much difference between the Steelers and Eagles (yes, the state of PA can bost six Super Bowl titles, sadly all of those come from the western side of the state) I need an Iggles break. I love the Birds and I will still read tirelessly about them signing CFL all-stars as a way to “bring in more fastballs” on defense but as long as Big Red is the coach, we will follow the same road we’ve gone down for the last 12 seasons.  This means no Super Bowl, no parades down Broad and Pattison and for the Eagles front office apparently that’s good enough.  Make your money, make the playoffs and everyone wins, right? That’s the Eagles way. I love em’ and yet each year they drive me crazy. I know the Eagles aren’t the only owners to operate that way – but for an organization who preaches the gold standard, i’d say ours is more like copper or magnesium standard.

Speaking of owners, there will be football next season, but if the owners and players don’t care enough to prevent a lockout right now – why should I? I’m squarely in the corner of the players in this labor battle. The owners want to add two more games to the NFL season and take an additional billion dollars in revenue from the league? Oh yeah, NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed and no player pension has been established? Athletes are overpaid, but if anyone earns their $$ it’s football players. The average life expectancy of football players is between 51-55 and owners want to add two more games to each season and take a greater share of the pot? The more I learn about the politics of sports – the harder it is to stay a fan.


Great to have the Phillies back. It really is. I don’t care if Jimmy Rollins predicted 100+ victories either. On paper this team should be that good. Will they? Only time will tell. Again, I want to see what happens with the bullpen, who will bat fifth and how healthy our infield will be this year. Those are the three MAJOR concerns I have. Speaking of bullpen, I’m starting to think Antonio Bastardo is never going to be healthy. By the way, you don’t think Jayson Werth has sellers remorse or anything? First day of Nationals camp and all he can do is talk about the Phils and how they could have kept him and Cliff Lee.


I hope all of you are following this Flyers team. This is as complete a team as I remember us ever having. They can beat teams in so many different ways and they’ve gotten great goaltending by rookie Sergei Bobrovsky and veteran Bobby Boucher. If this team can stay healthy, great things can happen.


The hoop Dawgs are 18-8 and 7-5 in the conference. I still firmly believe this team will make the tournament, but we’ll need to win a few rounds of in the SEC tourney. Dawgs will run the table.

 In Other News:

  • I was attempting to explain how starters are selected for the NBA All-Star game to my beautiful wife and somehow she walked away thinking that she could vote on who starts each game for the 76ers. Not sure teaching is in my near future.
  • I really miss my friend Jon Barkan who at 39 years old was taken way before his time. When someone passes, it’s customary to say only nice things about them out of respect, but Jon’s passing was definitely the world’s loss. It’s been more than three years and the other night I just kept thinking about how much I have missed him. Jon’s laugh was infectious, his ribbing was relentless and his heart was as big as his smile. His zest for life was unmatched and he is missed by anyone who had the pleasure of knowing him. After three years I’m still not ready to take his number out of my phone.
  • A bad meal at Fox Brothers is better than a great meal at 92% of eateries around the country. It is that damn good.
  • Gas face goes to Fulton County for being such pricks and shutting down the aspiring food street vendors on N. Highland. Property crime in the ATL is 55% higher than the national average and we are spending resources busting food vendors who operate out of a cart? Really? Not to worry ATL foodies, the King of Pops was absolved of such horrendous crimes.
  • Electronics are really the ultimate hypocrisy. Whenever you get a new iPod or any new electronic toy, ever notice how hard it is to open the package? It’s like this is the newest innovation technology, packaged by cavemans. You have to be McGyver just to open this stuff.
  • Gadhafi is an evil man – but he makes his press conferences entertaining. This loon is straight out of Saturday Night Live.
  • Was watching an episode of Real Time with Bill Maher and he said NFL is run how the Democrats want to run the country and baseball is run how the Republicans want to run the country. Basically, parity rules in the NFL and only the rich get richer in baseball. Hey Bill, newsflash – the San Francisco Giants won the World Series last year and when the Phils won it in 2008, they were number 13 in total salary. Weak argument.  
  • It’s good to see my favorite all-time Sixer Dr. J still has the moves. Check this out with Javale McGee’s mom during the dunk contest on Saturday:

Optimism, it’s what’s for dinner…

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With the temperatures routinely hitting the 60s and 70s over the last week, and the days getting noticeably longer, goodness and majesty are certainly in the air — and I am here with open arms.

Speaking of optimism – don’t know if I’ve ever lead with the Sixers…so why break a good thing. The Flyers are sitting in first place in the Atlantic with the second best record in the league. I love the deal for Kris Versteeg – who tortured us during last year’s Stanley Cup Finals. Versteeg is a guy with lots of skill and he is not affraid to mix it up. He give Peter Laviolette tremendous flexibility on his four lines and he’s a proven playoff performer. He’s signed through 2012, and oh yeah he’s just 24. With a big win over Tampa (finally) and Florida – the Fly guys will be in Carolina on Friday, where the Canes will retire Rod Brind’Amour’s number. Kind of cool that the Flyers, as a tribute to the former Flyer, will all warm-up in Brind’Amour’s familiar #17 jersey.  From what I read, Brindy had a way with the ladies — and one look at the guy will tell you he must have one helluva personality, or something else to offer the ladies (insert joke here).


Who is not ready for spring training? I cannot wait for baseball the Phils season to start. I’m less worried about who will play in RF and more concerned with who is going to hit fifth behind Ryan Howard. Today I was wondering if we might bat Chase fifth and Polanco third. Should be interesting. I’m also more than worried about our pen. Brad Lidge is an every other year pitcher and unfortunately he is due for a down year. I’m not sure Madson has the stuff between the ears that he needs to be a dominant closer, should Lidge falter. Maybe one of the young guys (Stutes, De Fratus or Matthieson) will emerge. Keep an eye on both of these situations.


The Sixers continue to play much better basketball. We pummel the Hawks on the road, beat the Spurs at home (best record in basketball), destroy the T-Wolves (who suck) and beat the Rockets on the road. One game under .500 at the NBA break and hot on the heels of the Knicks for the the 6th playoff spot – I’ll gladly take it. This is a team that many figured would lose 50+ games this season. It’s time to jump back on board folks.


I don’t care that Michael Vick was going to be on Oprah, and I care even less that he canceled the taping of the show. Feels good to get that out of my system.

In Other News:

  • Being forced to watch Jersey Shore…losing brain cells…please. send, help ~ quickly.
  • Lately I have felt an umatched wave of support from my friends in a variety of different areas. Just an overwhelming sense of kindness from a number of people. In case they are reading this, i just want to say thanks. It will NEVER go unnoticed.
  • There are few people in this world as impatient in traffic as I am. I literally feel like a dog stuck in a cage.
  • I’ve been an on and off again wrestling fan for most of my life. But when the Rock came back to wrestling last Monday night as the special host of Wrestlemania — I jumped around our house like the (INSERT PHILLY/UGA) Sports team just won a championship, and yes Summa J and I are going to Mania’
  • I haven’t been this excited for the NBA dunk contest, since the days of Jordan and Nique. Cannot wait to watch Blake Griffin – he’s that damn good.
  • I cannot even tell you what just happened on Jersey Shore – I’m now officially dumber and in need of a mental cleansing
  • 85% of the time Summer has answers that I don’t – and it pains me to admit that; however the 15% of the time that I know something she doesn’t — she seems SO impressed. I’m pretty sure this is the key to our relationship. Either that or letting her think admitting she’s right 85% of the time.
  • If you missed the Grammy performance of Cee-Lo go youtube it ASAP; however if you missed the performance of Lady Gaga – thank your lucky stars.
  • My old car insurance agent called me and wants to see if she can beat my current insurance policy. I feel like saying, why don’t you call Geico, talk to an agent and whoever gives me the lowest price can call me back. Kind of like a last man standing match. I guess it does all come back to wrestling.

Green Bay we are Not…

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First off, thank you for the love from Stanman, EC, Wayna J, C-dog and Micah on the return to the nerd network of blogging. It’s good to be back.

As an Eagles fan you really have to take your hat off to the Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers. They are everything a team should be and similar to the Eagles in the following ways:

  • They have a young team
  • They pass a lot
  • They wear green

 Think that sums it up. This team (the Packers) BARELY (and I mean barely) got into the playoffs. They go on the road for three straight games and win three different ways. They intercept the Eagles in the endzone as time was winding down. They bludgeoned the Falcons in the GA Dome, where the home team was nearly unbeatable, and they beat the Bears in the snow in Chicago. Then the Packers go to the Super Bowl and beat Pittsburgh with very little help from their running game. Essentially laughing in the face of all the experts who say “you can’t win in the NFL without a running game.”  It wasn’t enough just to do this, but to do it with two of your best players getting hurt early in the game (Charles Woodson and Donald Driver) was admirable. To think they did this with 16 players on injured reserve – including 6 starters, that’s completely mind-boggling and awesome. Pretty cool that the town of Green Bay (the smallest of professional sports) owns the team. Ironically in Philly, the football team thinks they own the city. The Packers are a model franchise and I tip my cheesteakhead to you Green Bay.


The Sixers continue to play exciting and inspired basketball. I know the words exciting and inspired have been oxymoronic with Sixer basketball for the last 10 years, but you gotta salute the fantastic job Doug Collins has done with this team. Seven guys who are 22 or younger on the Sixers. They are young and exciting and one of the elder-statesman, Elton “Phillymax” Brand has been the best player on the team this season. If you boys keep it up you might make it exciting to watch the NBA again. Well, either you or Blake Griffin.


Speaking of exciting the Flyers continue to play great hockey. This team is so fun to watch, and if they can stay healthy they are going to be tough to beat come playoff time. Man, I can’t wait. I really hope they don’t make a trade at the deadline and take a chance of ruining the chemistry on this team. I’ve heard that hockey chemistry is the most underrated factor in a teams’ success.


Pitchers and catchers report next week. I can almost smell the fresh-cut grass, the crack of the bat and the pop of the mitts. Bring it Phils!


Dawgs finished a strong recruiting class with signing JUCO transfer John Jenkins. This announcement went under the radar to some, but he could have the biggest impact of anyone we signed in this class. He’s a Junior, so his body is more college ready than some of the other more highly recruited prospects. I also love that he will be wearing #6. Something about a 330lb man-beast wearing number 6 as a Defensive Tackle is just awesome. Just so you know, the hoop Dawgs will take us to the dance this spring – and they will win two rounds. Book it.

 In Other News

  • If you want to get an idea of what sports used to be like before there were 141 different ESPN channels, the internet, etc – you can get a good idea by following Blake Griffin (LA Clippers) and Kevin Durant (OKC Thunder). These guys are two of the best players in the NBA, yet because they aren’t the Lakers, Celts, Heat or Magic you don’t get to see them much on TV. This is how sports used to be kids. It was a treat to see your teams on TV and that’s how I feel about watching these two NBA stars now.
  • I feel like for certain holidays where you are limited with card options, it is my duty as a consumer to help other consumers out. How do I do this? I laugh loudly at Target/CVS/Walgreens when I see a good card. It’s hard to find a good one and if I can conduct my public service to alert people where they are, than my work is done.
  • Read something about figs and how they act as an aphrodisiac. The article goes on to talk about their health benefits, lauding the fact that they are high in fiber. Somehow, I’m not clear on the connection between high-fiber foods and aphrodisiacs, but someone will fall for this I’m sure.
  • Wouldn’t the world be even more amazing if no one felt the need to brag about themselves, rather they spent all that time/brain power complementing others – kind of like playing it forward.
  • This is the best song I’ve heard this year. I love everything about this song and video. Fitz and the Tantrums, “Money Grabber”:
  • Just heard that Jerry Sloan is stepping down as Jazz coach after the season. To me, he was the most underrated NBA coach of my generation, so far.
  • Sad news from Athens last week with the passing of UGA VIII. Poor guy was just nine months old. Read a piece today from a vet that says the Seiler family (the sole owner/breeder of the schools dogs) needs to break up the bloodline because of these recent health issues. Hope Seiler is listening.
  • Summa J and I have our first wedding coming up as “Mr & Mrs Jacobs.”  We have been feverishly practicing our dance move so that we can show up the bride and groom. And yes, we are available for your wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or family throwdown.
  • I think the Super Bowl halftime show and commercials were a tremendous letdown.  Any halftime show that requires two cameo’s in an attempt to save it is in trouble. The Budweiser Dog Sitting commercial was by far the best though. Loved it.

10 Days Till Pitchers and Catchers Report…

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Damn it feels good to be back writing again. It’s been a minute since I last checked in, but when I start feeling like I have to write, rather wanting to write, that’s when I stop. Either that or I simply have no time to write. Regardless, I look forward to being back among the blog-nerds. But I’m comin’ out swinging.

First thing is the embarrassment the Philadelphia Eagles have become. Please understand this is no personal attack on Juan Castillo. He’s a very good offensive line coach, well respected and a kind man from what I can tell. And G-d knows the world needs more kindness in this world. However, you don’t make your offensive line coach your new defensive coordinator – especially when he hasn’t coached defense in the pros. EVER. I’m not saying he’s young and inexperienced. No, no. Read my lips – HE HAS NOT COACHED ON THE DEFENSIVE SIDE OF THE BALL EVER in the pros. In fact his last stint on defense was in 1989 at a small D3 school & of course he played in college and in the USFL as a linebacker. Hell he hasn’t even been a coordinator in the pros or in college. To give you some perspective, this would be the equivalent of asking your plumber to become your home-schooled teacher for your kids. He might be an excellent teacher, but would you want to try him out on your child? This is a classic, I’m-smarter-than-you-are move by Big Red. Maybe he will prove to be a genius with this move – and maybe we’ll win a Superbowl because of this move. I will be the first one to say I was wrong. But I fully expect to hear Big Red say at the conclusion of next year, “hmm-hmm (gurgle-cough, cough)…”The guys played their hearts out today, they left everything on that field, but we came up a bit short, and I’ve got to do a better job there.” Alas, another season of unmet expectations. Just prepare yourselves now, kids.


I am loving this Flyers team this year. Crazy props need to go out to GM Paul Holmgren for putting together this squad. When you lose in the Stanley Cup finals like we did, it’s not easy to find the right mix, but I think we have it. Our defense is revamped, our goalies consistently have kept us in and won games, and we can throw four lines at other teams. That’s absurd. We have the best record in the league and we have tremendous toughness. I also think this team fits so well into Peter Laviolette’s system. That’s huge. Right players, right system. Here’s to hoping we stay healthy and continue the strong play. It doesn’t matter too much how we play now, as much as it does in April, May and hopefully June.


As this story goes to press, the Philadelphia 76ers are the current 6th seed despite being 3 games under .500. That’s actually a pretty hilarious feet. I’ve been super-impressed with Doug Collins and truth be told this team should have at least six more wins. I still think Evan Turner is going to turn it around, but not until we do something with Iggy. I think Iggy is an excellent complimentary player, but he’s not a guy who is going to single-handedly win many games for you, or hit those big shots at the end of regulation. Evan Turner’s career began slowly at OSU and I think you are seeing flashes for the kind of player he will be. I think he will put up similar numbers to Iggy, only I feel he could develop into more of a clutch player.


This time of the year (and in the fall) I always find it humorous that myself and many of my UGA buddies get so wrapped up in recruiting wars and the decisions that 17 year old kids make in terms of where they plan to go to school. The Dawgs had a fantastic recruiting class, according to the experts and the fans, but recruiting is only half the battle. But Dawgs fans have been through this before. If you can’t coach the kids up, does it matter how well you recruit. Some of these guys will contribute right away. I know that Summer has become an Isaiah Crowell fan simply b/c of the cute Bulldog puppy he held up during his announcement yesterday (see photo). 

In Other News:

  • Why is that no matter how cold and ugly it gets, the words “pitchers and catchers report in 10 days” bring a feeling of eternal warmth, delight and everything is well in the world again.
  • There is simply no better lyrical band on the planet than my favorite band The Counting Crows. Argue all you want, but you will be wrong. There are new layers of meanings I get from their lyrics every single time I hear their songs.
  • I’m very much a dog person, but in my office we have a couple of cats; they are the only cats I really like, but I have no idea how to play with them. I treat them like they are dogs, and give up on them when they don’t want to play fetch or chase me around the office.
  • We recently got Droid 2’s switching over to Verizon – and our lives have not been the same. I cannot believe how much better the Droid is for me, than the iPhone 4 was. I was the guy who returned his iPhone b/c I hated it but the Droid was the best addition to my life since I added Summa J.
  • Summa J has a new cupcake business. She makes some unbelievably creative and ornate cupcakes. Hit me up if you want to see her work or if you want her to create a cupcake just for you/your loved one. We are working on things and hopefully will have some news regarding this soon!
  • If you ever get the chance to see the Blueman Group – do it! Swear you will not regret it.
  • I’m surprised the Packers are favored in the Superbowl. I’d bet a lot of money (if I had it) on the Steelers. I just think their defense is nasty and their offense is clutch. Not pretty, but they make plays when they need to and their no substitute for experience. I also think Tomlin is a better coach than McCarthy.