It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…

Posted: 03/10/2011 in Uncategorized

What a great time to be a sports fan. March Madness is upon us, spring training in full bloom, playoff races heating up and the NFL draft – which can’t be affected by the strike – and the Masters (the only golf tournament I care about) this is a great time to be a sports fan.


I would hate to break my arm patting myself on the back because I told you that Chase Utley’s injury was worse than suspected. Now I’m going to tell you that he is going to miss a large chunk of the season with his mild patellar tendinitis and chondromalacia  (the latter sounds like something one would contract on a side street in Tia Juana). There’s no way Utley is going to be able to play second base the way he’s played over the last six years on a steady diet of cortisone shots, rest and treatment. As much as I hate to say it, the only remedy I see for him is surgery, which according to Brandon Inge of the Tigers is a season ending procedure (he had the surgery in 2009). I hope this is one prediction that doesn’t come true.

The good news is that we are getting a look at a number of guys at second base. It looks Delwyn Young, Josh Barfield (and his gaudy .538 spring training average) and possibly rule 5 pick Michael Martinez will fight it out for two utility positions. I like Young’s chances since he can play in the infield and outfield – but if Barfield continues to hit, I don’t know how you can’t take him up north either. All of this is based on the feeling that Chase will begin the season on the DL.  


They continue to play tough and the last time they were three games over .500 – I’m pretty sure was nearly 10 years ago. The Wachovia Center was supposedly rocking last night too. Good to see people are starting to warm up to this team. I’m not sure this is a team we can build around, but they have been playing great team ball and they are fun to watch. Don’t disregard the fun factor either. Last year most folks would rather hang shingles (or catch shingles) than sit through that joke of a coach we had in the Hamburglar Eddie Jordan.


Still not panicking people. Put all the sharp objects away. The Flyers typically go into a tailspin in February, so this year it came a little bit later. We are still in good shape, still the number one seed in the East – which says a lot after the shit storm we put out on the ice the past two weeks. I think Laviolette is a very good coach, but I would like to see him stick with Bobrovsky, who you’ll remember I told you about before the season started. Insert second back pat here.


Nice to see them pull out an 18 pt win today in the first round of the SEC tourney. Now we take on Alabama. Upset special, baby.  Sad news from the diamond Dawgs as Junior outfielder Johnathan Taylor suffered a horrendous spinal injury colliding with Zach Cone diving for a ball in the outfield. There’s a web page that has been set up to help cover some of Taylor’s medical expenses. You can also sign a guest book. Here’s a link and we all hope JT has a speedy, healthy recovery:

In Other News:

  • Am I the only person who still takes the stem off of their apple while simultaneously reciting the alphabet to see what letter it comes off on – yes, some of the best lessons in life are taught to us in first grade.                          
  • I’m beginning to think my ears are slightly deformed and my parents never let me in on this secret. Why you ask? There are only one type of head phones that stay on my ears – the kind that sit on top of your head. Those iPod “buds” don’t work for me. It’s me isn’t it?
  • We will call this the continued evolution of Summa J and her new appreciation of sports. We are approaching our fourth March Madness together. The first one, we had been dating for about four minutes, so that doesn’t count. The second year Summer’s predicted final of Villanova-vs-Miami was based on her favorite places to visit. Last year Summer explained that I “misled” her in explaining the teams’ season records, which were in parenthesis next to the team. This year, she has assured me is “her year.”
  • Speaking of the NCAA tourney time if you have any questions about why this is a magical time of year, I present my readers with the following evidence. Let’s get something straight – there is death, taxes and Gus “freakin” Johnson:
  • Was thrilled to read that Cap’n Cruch isn’t going anywhere today. There was a rumor that Captain Horacio Magellan Crunch (I thought he was just Captain) was being put on the back shelf by Quaker. Not so fast says the cereal maker. Something about the sugar content in the cereal – no word on whether Fred and Barney are facing the same scrutiny in Bedrock. G-d I hope not.
  • I have an addiction to peanut butter – in fact I can’t control myself when I eat it. It’s not uncommon for me to leave remnants on cabinets, my shirt, refrigerator handles, etc… Whatever, it’s not like we are talking bon-bons here.
  1. Trying to get Frankie Jr to sleep while looking at the Sixers score on my phone, and was so aggravated with their letting a massive comeback go to waste. And the Flyers gave up THREE GOALS IN THE THIRD PERIOD?

    I’m not digging these winds of change.
    Luckily Celebrity Apprentice takes away the pain 🙂

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