Gotta Love the NCAA Tournament…

Posted: 03/24/2011 in Uncategorized

Kind of a malaise in philly sports right now. The Sixers are making a playoff push. Yes, you read that right – ahead of the Melo lead Knicks in 6th place in the Conference and the Hawks are in a tailspin.  The Flyers are giving people more reason to question them. Big game tonight for Bobrovsky if he wants to be considered a reliable option come playoff time.  The Phils have a new injured player seemingly each day & the questions at second continue. Will we head north with 11 pitchers or 12? I feel like opening day has taken forever to get here.  Oh and the Eagles continue to push themselves as the “gold standard” minus the Super Bowl titles (and right now minus the NFL season).

The NCAA Tournament has been spectacular. I hope you’ve been watching. I absolutely love the parity and that carpe diem effect that comes with a one and done tourney – even if it meant my under-achieving Dawgs took an L in the opening round. To have Richmond, VCU, FSU, Marquette and Butler in the Sweet 16 is awesome. Funny how the Big East started with 11 teams and they are now down to two.  I had a dream the other night that Kansas was upset – so we’ll see how that plays out.  I wasn’t sure how the whole tourney would work out with having all the games on different networks, but I actually love it that way. I feel like I have my own little home sports bar, complete with all the Jack Daniels I want, a pretty wife asking me who she picked in this game and a dog who probably thinks I’m yelling at her. If the games are of equal interest, I purposely watch the one that Gus Johnson is doing. How could you not:

Summa J and I had dinner with our friends Cobi and Benny, and Cobi probably doesn’t get enough credit for my blog. She designed my original blog and set it up (though she probably doesn’t remember). She told me the other night that she still reads my blog, though mostly just the “in other news section.” If you ask me, that’s pretty freakin’ cool that someone who doesn’t really care about sports (save UNC basketball) reads my blog.

Speaking of knowing sports, the other day Summa J informed me that only one sports team gets to be called by their full name. Confused? You should be. Here’s an almost exact recap of our conversation.

  • Me: Why do the Georgia Bulldogs always let me down?
  • Summa J: What are you talking about?
  • Me (getting angrier): What do you think I’m talking about? Did you just hear me watch this game?
  • Summa J: Well, they aren’t the Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Me (inquisitively): What the hell are you talking about?
  • Summa J: They are the Georgia basketball team
  • Me: And therefore they are the Georgia Bulldogs basketball team
  • Summa J: No, they are the Georgia basketball team – the Bulldogs are the football team; You can’t have the same team name for each sport
  • Me: Well what about Temple?
  • Summa J: It’s the same thing. The Temple Owls play basketball and then there’s the Temple football team


In Other News

  • Butler’s Matt Howard looks like the type of guy who plays at the JCC or the YMCA and you are like, this guy sucks, I can take him anytime; even the white guys would pick him last in pick-up ball – but he ends up schooling everyone.
  • Between watching the Butler/Pitt game and the UNC/Washington game this tourney will be remembered, in part, for some of the dumbest individual basketball play I’ve seen in a long time.
  • I’m starting to think I should bet on college basketball games – I’ve watched more college hoop last weekend than I did in the previous three regular seasons combined.
  • The problem with watching taped shows from ESPN is the score ticker at the bottom. Last night I watched the 30 for 30 on the Fab Five and all these NCAA hoops scores scrolled across the bottom; I was so disheveled that I changed the channel in complete panic thinking I was missing some games.
  • Noticed a commercial for Survivor and thought – that show is still on? And who the hell watches it?
  • I saw a kid walking down the street today in gray skinny jeans, white shoes and oversized black sunglasses – nuff said.
  • If I could have any power in the world, it would be the power to heal myself; I hate being sick and I’m terrible at it.
  • Jewish people, more often than others, love to tell you someone is Jewish even if they aren’t really sure if it is true; I grew up believing Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel were both Jewish, and now I hear Liz Taylor was Jewish? How did she not make the Channuka Song?
  • Everyone is up in arms about this air traffic controller falling asleep on the job in DC. It actually makes me feel a bit better to fly knowing pilots can still land planes without needing someone who may or may not be hungover, high or asleep sitting up in a tower hoping they gave the right instructions to the right aircraft.
  1. Flyers are irking me… yet the Sixers are constantly surprising.
    And thus every high in life is followed by a low.


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