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When the Lights Go Down in the City…

Posted: 11/30/2011 in Uncategorized

After 8 long months, finally the ROSS has come back to the cheesesteak! As I claim my throne among the nerd network I have three things to say:

  1. I have no clue if this will be a one and done blog or if this will re-ignite something inside.
  2. My A-D-D has gotten worse, which means these blogs might be shorter or longer. Can’t make up my mind. 
  3. The Philly sports scene needs me now more than ever.

I really couldn’t sit on the sidelines anymore and watch the utter misery the Eagles have become. It’s not a question of talent, it’s a matter of  coaching and schemes that are put in place. It’s time to say ciao to Big Red. His resistance to doing conventional things like drafting a LB higher than the 82nd round, making your O-line coach your Def Coordinator or having a top 5 RB in the league and giving him just 10 carries against the all-word offense of the Patriots, gives Mr. Lurie no other choice.  Reid’s 13 year run has been impressive, frustrating, exciting and delusional. This team has been in tailspin over the last three years. We are 1-8 in our last 9 home games. Think about that, digest it and try not to vomit. It’s time for a change (it was time for a change last year). The Vick contract was a bad one (which I also said the day it was signed) but since NFL contracts are not guaranteed, I don’t get too wound up about those.

Read a rumor the Flyers were looking into bringing back local product Bobby Ryan. While I know they need help on defense w/the injury to Pronger, I would trade anything within reason to get a young star in Ryan, but the Flyers couldn’t make this happen without shedding some serious salary ($4 million-ish).

I’m so pumped for the Dawgs-LSU game this weekend. I know that no one thinks UGA has a chance, and maybe everyone is right but it doesn’t stop the little optimist in me from still thinking we could shock the world. In truth, I think we keep it close for 2-3 quarters and LSU’s talent will end up being too much for us. I think we lose by 10, but play well. However, what started out as a season to forget has turned into exactly what UGA fans expected when they looked over our schedule in September. I really have enjoyed this season and watching this team gain confidence and consistently get better. There’s a boatload of talent (young and more experienced) returning next year, and we beat Florida, Tech and Auburn this year – so things are looking up in the Classic City. Hunker Down Dawgs. One more time – hunker down!

I’m curious to see what the Phils will do at shortstop.

I’m also curious to see if people will go to NBA games. I think a lot of damage was done w/the strike.

In Other News:

  • Why don’t they have shoe stores where you take your shoes off right when you walk in. Everyone walks around in their socks — think about how convenient that would be.
  • The number of people who will not cross a street unless the walking man icon is on the crosswalk box amuses me.
  • I like Tim Tebow now that he has left Gainesville. I don’t need to hear about Jesus every 2 sentences, but I love how everyone wants and expects this kid to fail and he keeps on winning. Love his guts, desire and gumption. He plays as hard as I wish I would play.  
  • Ever stop to think if anyone at PSU did what they should have done (Paterno included), Jo Pa would still be the coach. In essence you could say the school’s horrendous missteps led to his resignation.
  • Speaking of scandals, if ESPN sat on this tape of Coach Fine’s wifes’ confession for 9 years and they didn’t do anything about it, how is that any more acceptable than Jo Pa’s negligence?
  • Technology makes people dumber. Spellcheck, GPS and cell phones allow us to completely shut off our brains and not develop those skills. I just freaked out that “spellcheck” was two words. I blame technology.
  • I think the state of music and pro wrestling are both in very sad, pathetic places. I only get excited when an older act is performing or coming out with something new. The new wrestlers and musicians are both terrible. Need proof?? Check out The Miz and Hard Shell Rae (or whatever their suck name is). No rapper or other musician is putting out anything remotely original. I blame technology.
  • My nights now hit total euphoria at 9:30 thanks to Summa J introducing me to the HUB Network and subsequently discovering Family Ties and Happy Days run back-to-back each night. Party at the J’s house — every dayum night!!!!