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Just a Step…

Posted: 04/11/2012 in Uncategorized

The great news about being a completely irregular blogger is that you have people telling you how much they miss your blog. Or maybe that’s just what they say when they run out of stuff to say. Either way, I’m feeling brilliantly inspired tonight.

Maybe it’s the slow start of my beloved Phils. We kinda of feared this and some maybe expected it. Listen, its great having Doc, Cliff, Cole, Vanimal and Steady B in the rotation, but those guys can’t swing the bats too. The bats will come around, but Hunter Pence isn’t a 4-hitter, JRoll aint a 3 and Ty Wiggington isn’t a major league starter. Heck, I’m not sure Freddy Galvis and Juan Pierre are either, but that’s the best we got right now. Chase and The Big Piece return in June. That will help, but it won’t solve everything. Don’t hit the panic button. Baseball is such a long season and pennants are not won in April. Our staff is great. Our pen is okay and our bats will come around. (Do I sound like the pilot from Airplane who tells everyone that everything is okay as the plane is headed down??).

Now the Sixers, that’s a steaming hot pile of monkey crap. They had the second best record in the Eastern Conference and now they are barely holding on to the 8th seed. Barely. They would be better off missing the playoffs and getting in the lottery Anthony Davis sweepstakes, since this is shaping up to be a really good draft.

Holy shit am I excited about the Flyers-Pens series. Everyone is predicting a Flyers series upset, which makes me a little nervous, but this should be an exciting series. These two teams hate each other. Playoff series can be physical, but rarely do they have fights. This one could break the mold. One more day. My official prediction…. The young Flyers in 6. Why? This team is so young, they don’t know they shouldn’t be this good yet and I really love Peter Laviolette as our coach. Getting Briere and Grossman back will be HUGE. Nobody plays better in the playoffs than #48, and Grossman has been a monster since we traded for him. You think Bryz’s streak was just coincidence? Hell no, Grossman is an animal. LavyI will have these guys frothing at the mouth.

Eagles will draft a lineman or a DB with their first pick, and I wouldn’t be shocked to see them trade down. All this talk about trading up for Tanneyhill is all just that. Talk. Not gonna happen.

UGA Football – lets try to go a week without getting someone suspended, kicked off the team, getting into a moped accident, smoking dope (at least getting caught), underage drinking (same rule applies), getting into a bar fight, failing out of school, resisting arrest. Maybe I should call the Dawgs and organize a trip to the Athens Boys & Girls Club.  Somehow I fear, like many other Bulldawg faithful, that Bubba Watson’s Masters Victory is the closest the UGA program will get to a National Championship this year decade.

In Other News

  • How great is it that Ron Paul is still in the race? Persistence pays off
  • Know what does make me laugh? Primaries. These guys beat the shit out of each other (both jackasses and elephans) and then they act like we should all of sudden support their enemy? Rick Santorum, this means you dog. Should the voting public overlook all the stuff you said about Mitt now? Now, after slick Rick took him to school (woooo-Ric Flair style) he’s ready to take on Obama (aka the Rock). Its sort of like a battle royal in wrestling, where its every man for himself at the beginning, then at the end you team up, with the hopes you can eventually stab your partner in the back.
  • Don’t you love those people who never have anything to say, except, “Only two more days until Friday.” And you are guilty too because your retort is something like, “I am counting down the days.” Wouldn’t a more appropriate reaction be, “If your gonna wonder where ‘all the time has gone’ maybe your ass should stop counting down the days till Friday. Enjoy your day!”
  • I saw Bruce Springsteen the other night and his live show is tremendous. I feel like each  time he comes around and I’m a bit conflicted as to whether or not I should go see him, but after I do I’m always so happy I did. This show was unbelievable. I will never miss Bruce again, unless he pulls that accoustic Dust & Devils bullshit again. His new CD is phenomenal and the songs played extremely well. It wasn’t the same without Clarence but the way in which they honored him was fantastic, and his nephew (Jake, ironically enough) more than held his own. I went with a lucky Southern Fried Cheesesteak fan to the show. Uncle Ken, you are a worthwhile concert partner.
  • Not sure what I hate more: seafood or hipsters.
  • Why are bowling shoes so hiddeous, and why did I think it was cool to steal a pair from the bowling alley in college. You would think Nike would get in the game.
  • I’m a little over people bragging about themselves either in your face or in a discreet way. I also get really mad when I hear about people getting bullied or animals getting mistreated. It’s the humanitarian in me. However, I also laugh at people while they talk to me sometimes -not because they are saying anything funny- but I think about them doing random things, like getting shot out of a canon.
  • Special shot of love to Summa J, Mama J, the Pollacks, Wayna J, Flipper, Lev and C-dog for the blog encouragement
  • Last thought – facebook, I love w/a capital L when people like their own status. It’s the greatest thing ever. It’s a self high-five and I dig the hell out of it. “Hell yeah, I love what I just said about my slightly humorous and somewhat ambiguous facebook post and ‘zany pictures’ from Blake’s throwdow!” Hell yeah, I love this blog! Hell yeah, I’m back!