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Back in A Flash

Posted: 05/02/2012 in Uncategorized

Awesome feedback from cheesesteak heads far and wide. Special cheesesteak wit goes out to EC, the DA, Micah, Chronic, and the legendary SIL (sis-in-law).

I gotta get something off of my chest. I’m watching the Phils battle the Braves and I’m pretty sure one of the Braves announcers said Chipper Jones is the best they’ve seen at barehanding groundballs. Really? Chipper Jones, who doesn’t even go by the name his momma and daddy gave him? The owner of 0 gold gloves. Zilcho. Unless you’ve had your head up your ass, there are two names associated with fielding excellence at third base. The great Brooks Robinson and the incompable, #20 Michael Jack Schmidt. You know you are a legend when the world knows your middle name (and they take a picture of your crotch, or you are Brett Favre and well, nevermind…) . I’m not taking anything away from Larrrry – he has had a helluva career and been a great Brave, but he couldn’t hold Schmidty’s jock (never more clear than in the attached picture). Larry, where do you keep your gold gloves? Oh, you don’t have any. You know the number you wear on your uniform??? #10, yeah – that’s how many gold gloves Schmidty has. Oh, and he hit 548 homers in 2 less seasons than Chipper played. This lesson is over. It’s not even a discussion.

To everyone STILL panicking about the Phils — we are playing horrible baseball, yet we are just 2.5 games out of first and missing our #3 and #4 hitters. Not to mention our hitters have really crapped the bed. It appears that business is starting to pick-up and that’s good. Our pitching has been excellent, which has helped us play .500 ball (somehow). If either the Senators, Braves (yeah, I’ll throw in the Mets for C-dog) don’t run away with this division soon they will be sorry.

I really loved the Eagles draft this past year, which is kind of rare. Yeah, I thought they should have taken a safety since Kurt Coleman is special teams ace on his best day, but I’m thrilled w/our picks. I’ve seen some of these guys play and read about the others. I really like Cox, Kendricks, Curry, Boykin (more on that in a minute) and McNutt and the O-lineman from Miami. I also love the RB Poe that we signed as a free agent. A lot of people are down on the Nic Foles pick, but I have a really good feeling about him too. He’s huge (like Big Ben huge, minus the dickishness) and he can throw. He’s about as mobile as my coffee table, but after years of McNabb, Jeff Garcia, Mike McMahon, Vince Young and Michael Vick, it will be interesting to see how Big Red does with Foles. That is if Big Red is around to see it. Just so you know, I have been tweet-stalking my “friend” former UGA Bulldog and Philadelphia Eagle  Brandon Boykin — I will let you know when he starts reading my blog.

I love this Flyers team. I could see them going deep into the playoffs. Although the series is 1-1, I think we beat the Devils. Before the series I said we win in 5, so I’ll stick with it. The mix of young and old players is really fun to watch and if Claude Giroux isn’t the best player in the world, I’d love to know who is.  Our defense needs to stand the hell up b/c G-d only knows what planet Bryz will be on (and his planetary perspective can change from minute to minute).

I don’t love the Sixers, but I do respect how hard they play. I want Jrue Holiday to become a star. I want Evan Turner to become Fat Lever reincarnate. I want Thad Young to start, but the simple fact is that this team has no one, outside of the inconsistent Jodie Meeks, who can consistently hit a jumper. So if they ain’t runnin, they ain’t winning. Even with D-Rose’s devastating injury, I still think we will lose a hard fought series in 6 games. Is first round of NBA playoffs best of 7?

In Other News:

  • It should be illegal for a money sucking company or anyone to write “urgent” on the front of the envelope.
  • I am so pumped for the Avengers movie. I swear there was once a real life super heroes show in the early 80s on ABC, and maybe it was a one-time special, but it was the Justice League. Sadly no one remembers this but me.
  • Speaking of Summer J, she’s funny; she’s definitely more into sports now since I met her.  She actually starting to talk some smack about how I should be thankful that she “educates” me on Philly sports. The problem is that she asks me questions during key moments of games — then gets mad that I don’t pay her attention. Is this is a mean joke she’s pulling on me or have a I created a monster. Her new name in our house = superfan.
  • You know what’s funny about a rival in sports? You hate everything about them — their fans, their team, their mascots, their fans, their hot dogs, their announcers, their fans.
  • Going to see Counting Crows on Friday night; My favorite band and the world’s laziest band; Seriously 3 studio albums since 2000? That’s insane! But I started thinking top 3 bands I haven’t seen live (that still tour — this eliminates Pink Floyd). They are: Foo Fighters (September), Coldplay (July) and Prince (Vegas, anyone)?
  • I think lists kind of suck. They usually come from having a couple good semi-related ideas with no real way to connect them. So next thing you do is come up with a list and start spouting off shit that really doesn’t belong, but you want to make your list whole. Lots of pressure. Southern Fried Cheesesteak – where you don’t get lists, only meat.
  • Really sad news today about Junior Seau. Football and maybe sports certainly have an issue on their hands. Seau, Andre Waters, Mike Webster, Dave Duerson, Chris Henry all dealt with known depression issues and all were killed (most of these guys did themselves in). Quite a few hockey players this summer also suffered the same fate. I’m not sure how to fix the issue, but I’m glad the NFL has changed its policy on concussions. Maybe a backside airbag in the back of helmets that cushions on impact? Just throwing it out there for someone smarter than I am, so they can take that to market and make the world a better place.
  • Summer J and I are having a baby, and its the most amazing experience I’ve ever been a part of. More on that at a later time and date. Baby J warrants an entire entry and I plan to write one. I’m so grateful and excited. I can tell you that Baby J won’t be playing football, will know everything about Mike Schmidt, won’t be making lists, and I will love it beyond description.