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A Letter to Sweet Baby J

Posted: 07/15/2012 in Uncategorized

Sitting here in the serenity of a Sunday morning, I can’t help but think in a few short months my life is going to change courtesy of a growing bundle of joy on the way for Summer and me. So this is simply an open letter to my baby girl to be…

Dear Baby J,

You may wonder why your daddy is writing you an open letter. You will learn your daddy is a very sentimental kat, so I really just wanted to write something down that you (and I) could re-visit one day and see how exciting this moment is to your mom and me (because this is how people used to do things in the 2010s). Lets face it, the internet will live forever! As much as I have prepared myself for the moment you enter the world, I know that it will be exactly like I thought and yet, nothing like I could imagine. People regularly remind me how much my sleep patterns and life will never be the same and to the best of my ability I understand and embrace this. I’ve seen many of my friends (future “uncles” and “aunts” to you) go through this and often your mom and I will be required to push our own limits to do the same. You and your mom are everything to me, so if that means some tired days/nights are in my future – I will take that on.

I know it’s hard to conceive how you can love someone you haven’t met, or really hasn’t been fully formed, but its the little things you do that leave us craving more. The fact that you have dance parties in your mom’s belly at random times throughout the day and night or when she turns a certain way you let her know that “doesn’t quite work for you.” Or when you pretend to be listening to me when I talk to you — a trait I’m sure will be common for years to come. When I felt you kick for the first time on Father’s Day. When you waved to us on the ultrasound at 12 weeks, then flashed us at 16 weeks (by the way, don’t ever do that again. ever. ever). Baby J, it’s abundantly clear that you are developing quite the personality and we love you to pieces.

I pray every day for you health, wellness, safety and happiness. You don’t have to be the best ballerina or soccer player (can we go for second best soccer player?) I don’t care if you are the smartest, prettiest or best dressed girl (pretty sure you will be all of these things, of course). I ask only that you approach life with love, optimism and persistence. I really believe these three elements are keys to the foundation of life.

Without hesitation I know that you will be showered with love from family and  friends near and far, past and present. While I wish you could have met your pop-pop, just know that he will be loving you from up above. Much of who your daddy is, is due to pop-pop (so blame him, haha). Also know that on top of your parents, your grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends are going to spoil you girl. Within 1 week of your birth, I’m pretty sure you will have more clothes than me (many of them Philadelphia and University of Georgia themed – don’t worry, I’ll teach you ALL about that). There’s also a dog that you will probably torture, who will want to cover you with kisses — even if you pull her ears or whiskers. No wonder you are having such big dance parties. I’d be fired up about all of this too.

The sweetest moment of this experience happened the other night. I was fast asleep and your mother decided to snuggle up with your dad (I’m kind of irresistible like that). All of a sudden I felt a light tapping on my lower back – I looked over and your mom was fast asleep – but it was clear to me that you were not and you wanted to let me know.

In closing, my parents always told me that they hoped I would have a better life than theirs. For years I could never understand why they would say that. Today that notion couldn’t be more clear.

I love you, Baby J. Keep dancing, sweet pea – that’s what the world needs.