“Keep on Livin…”

Posted: 03/03/2014 in Uncategorized


And with these brilliant words, the man with the extra wiz is back. For how long? Don’t ask. Why did you leave us? Because.  Do you still love us? Undeniably. Can you still stand out in the bloated world of social media madness, twitter and blogsphere? Probably not. Can I answer any more rhetorical questions….

Here I am, back, penning this directly from the City of Brotherly Love, living in a tiny city apartment with a lil’ baby girl, who still is not walking – but life is good. Unless of course, you are a Sixers fan. Guess what — they are closer to a championship than the Phils are. It’s sad but true. At least they recognize that it’s time to rebuild and boy is the wrecking ball out (PS – Jabari Parker would look great as a 76er).  The Phils are like that chick who was the prom queen in 79’ and still thinks she’s hot shit, but it’s the summer of 84’  – Don Henley is burning up the radio and she’s tossing chipwiches down her throat like they are HiHo crackers. Ruben – wake the hell up! This ain’t gonna work and it is gonna be ugly.  Ah, but Spring is the time for optimism. Everyone is undefeated and “if we have good health and a few good bounces, we will be a playoff team” is the theme resonating through every middling major league ball club. The Phils are old and getting older adding Marlon Byrd – 36, AJ Burnett – 37, Will Nieves – 36 to the oldest line-up in the majors does little to inspire any sort of confidence. I’ve questioned Rube’s moves ever since the Hunter Pence acquisition and he continues to prove me right. I love the Phils and I hope like hell this team finds a little magic in that Gatorade cooler, but I’m pretty sure Ryne Sandberg could be the second coming of Tony La Russa and it wouldn’t make a difference. Have a plan, Reubs.  I was happy to see they locked up Southern Fried Cheesesteak loyalist Chase Utley though. What up, Chase.

Speaking of locking up – what a season for the Iggles this year. Totally unexpected. I was certain that Chip would fail and fail brilliantly and boy was that wrong. I haven’t been this excited for football season in quite a while, and I like to see the Birds locking up their young talent (maybe we should talk to Ruebs about this model). Ready for this bombshell, if I were the Iggles, I’d get on the horn with Oakland, Buffalo and Tennessee and see if any of them would be willing to deal their #1 pick for D-Jax. This draft is WR loaded, DJax is 28 and there are whispers that he’s (again) unhappy with his contract. Given his slight size and his divatude, I’d deal him for a top 11 pick in a minute. And, I was thrilled to see them resign my boy J-Mac.

The Flyers had a phenomenal weekend. Huge back-to-back wins over division rivals the Rangers and Caps. Yesterday’s Caps game was something amazing to watch as I thought they had no chance being down 4-2 in the 3rd, but something wouldn’t let me turn the TV off (maybe b/c it was entertaining my daughter). Unbelievable comeback which was sparked by a total cheap shot on Brayden Schenn. That was the fastest I’ve ever seen his brother (yes, his older brother is also on the team) move this year. It’s great to have such a good goalie but our defense is still a sieve.

Crazy to see Allen Iverson’s number retired this weekend. AI truly epitomized Philly. He was a raw, walking dichotomy. It was mostly love/and a little bit of hate. Sometimes it was ugly but it was also beautiful to watch him compete. It was never easy, but it was an entertaining ride. He played his ass off and we embraced that. He was flawed, which is why it worked so well and why it ended awkwardly. It was very much a triumphant and tragic love story, but he will always be one of my favorite Philly hoopers behind (Dr. J and Andrew Toney).

In Other News

  • 3/3 will always be a very special day to me
  • Being away from a city makes me feel like a bigger fan; You have no idea how much I miss Georgia (unless we are real life friends, then you know) or UGA; I swear I follow the Dawgs more than I did when we lived in GA; However, the passion for sports in Philly is real, it is deep, it is in your face and it’s freaking awesome
  • Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Counting Crows, Outkast, U2 all with new music planned for this year – phenomenal news for me
  • I’ve been disappointed by the two Coldplay songs I heard and with  their most recent album (Mylo Xyloto) sounding like dreck, I’m wondering they still have it, or if they just got bored. Greatness is hard y’all – don’t judge
  • How is 4D possible — not sure my mind is evolved enough to comprehend this
  • Anyone wonder why legacy kids don’t ever live up to their parents? On paper it makes no sense – good genes, money to hire the best trainers, knowledge from parents – I’m just curious why there are more Sean Lennon’s and less Peyton/Eli Manning’s
  • I’ve never had a sunny side up egg, but I struggle to see the appeal; how can anyone not go scrambled or omelet if given the choice; and if you prefer hard boiled – please don’t ever read this again
  • Summa J just schooled me that Jared Leto was in a band previous to being an actor; in other news, they sell bottled water now
  • If you haven’t seen Dallas Buyers Club – see it, and tell me Matthew McConaughey wouldn’t play a spot-on Richard Petty; Spot-feaking-on
  • Speaking of which, watching the Oscars (I think Ellen was great, by the way) Summa J called McConaughey a modern day Clark Gable, which I’m pretty sure is code for “that man is slightly better looking than the guy I married” (now that I think about it, Jared Leto probably falls into this category as well)
  • Ever sit in a meeting and hear someone yammer on about nothing and you start to hear the Sanford & Son theme song in your head; Warning: your meetings will never be the same
  1. sister-in-law says:

    love it! i missed your commentary!

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