May Musings

Posted: 05/14/2014 in Uncategorized

Hypnotize by your rotten behavior; this week’s fashion is last year’s flavor.
I got a head full of sermons and a mouth full of spiders; the politics of the world’s greatest liar.

-Black Crowes-

Eagles draft has come and gone and another year passes without them drafting an impact safety. I recognize the lip-service of explaining their BPA (best player available) approach, but I also know that theory doesn’t hold true. Now, if they say they choose the best player available at a position of need, and a possible Chip Kelly connection, then yes, that’s accurate. You absolutely cannot tell me that Josh Huff and Tyler Hart (both of Oregon) were not the BPA’s – though I really like Huff a lot. I give the birds a B and really like the Matthews, Huff and Reynolds picks.  We also signed a FA kicker nicknamed “Murderleg.”  Pretty sure this guy will become an immediate fan favorite.  The birds also got a conditional 3/4 pick from the Bills for Bryce Brown, but they can’t get anything for 3-time Pro Bowler in his prime Desean Jackson? Yeah, so tell me more about that Bigfoot you caught, Rick Dyer.

Great to see Aaron Murray and Artie Lynch getting drafted this year. Murray joins Marcus Houston and Sanders Cummings in KC, while Artie joins Knowshon, Dannell Ellerbee and Reshard Jones.

Just six days until the most exciting thing to happen to the 76ers in the last 2 years — the NBA draft lottery. With the Sixers guaranteed of a top 4 pick in a strong draft their rebuilding continues. The big question now is would the 76ers considering trading their best player and recently named Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams for another draft pick. I would trade him for another lottery pick – and draft 18-year old phenom Dante Exum who Brett Brown coached in Australia.

Thrilled about the Flyers replacing Paul Holmgren with another former Flyer Ron Hextall. I love that Hextall has won with another organ-EYE-zation (Canadian speak) and that he isn’t blind to simply doing things the Flyers way. Because when “the Flyers way” hasn’t produced a championship in 38 years, it probably ain’t working.  That being said, good luck with the hunk of shit, long-term contracts Holmgren has left you with such as Vinny Lecavalier, Andrew MacDonald and Scotty Hartnell. Truthfully, I think the Flyers are the closest Philly team to a championship, and I like Hexy’s philosophy of developing young talent rather than trading them away. The next two seasons will cement our position as a Cup contender or a floundering, country club squad.

Sadly the Phils are the furthest Philly team from a title. They are in denial. What’s wild is that the mental mistakes the young guys AND the vets are making. Last night I watched J-roll miss an easy throw to third for an out, because he went home to stop a run, but missed that too. The Phils outfield production is atrocious – save 36 year old free agent signee Marlon Byrd. The Phils young players have been having a really rough go (Cody Ashe, Galvis, Diekman, Pettibone who is back in the minors, Dom Brown) and I often wonder if we over-inflate our prospects worth in the minors. More on this later. It was cool to be at Citizens Bank to watch Mike Trout. What’s interesting is that you hear the baseball historians talk about the different sound the ball made coming off of the bat of Ruth, Mantle, Mays, Williams, Musial. Well, Trout’s hit last night just sounded like it exploded off of his bat. If he ends up being mentioned among the greats — it was great to watch him play live.

In Other News:

  • Not sure what my life would be without sports and music, but probably a far less interesting place. I reference and listen to music multiple times a day and sports are simply a part of me. When the two come together it’s like being a kid and hearing your parents say, “not only can you eat as much of the banana split that you want, but you can also stay up as late as you want.”
  • Jack is back and 24 still kicks ass; I’m loving the new 24. It’s not often that a show can take a 3-year hiatus come back and still be fantastic, but through 2 episodes, I’ve been extremely impressed — especially after the disappointing way the series “ended” several years ago.
  • My daughter is at a really fun stage of life where she repeats and picks up everything that people around her do. I’m equal parts scared and excited to watch UGA football with her. Last year we worked on the Goooooo Dawgs cheer, so I’m looking for big things from her come September. She’s one of the most fun people to be around as she parades around the room with an arm full of jewelry and her sunglasses on, telling our dog, Comet, NO – b/c she thinks NO is actually the dog’s name.
  • I’m not sure how anyone can really be a fan of winter — especially over spring and summer. I get that people always need something to complain about but seriously, you are going to tell me about allergies and heat after I got through 139 feet of snow this year?
  • Summer J and I have gone to at least 25 games in the 5+ years we’ve been together, but last night she let me know that she thought the second baseman just stood behind the pitcher and that the infield really only needed a 1B, SS and 3B. She also freaks out when the ball is hit and it comes remotely close to us. How do I define remotely close? We were sitting between 1B and RF last night, when a foul ball went into the stands over 3B and she grabbed my arm. Yep, true story.
  • I don’t think there’s a better cheese that Smoked Gouda. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good manchego and provolone really sets my cheesesteak free, but give me smoked gouda with the brown peel.
  • Ben Harper just released a CD with his mom and that’s about the coolest thing in the world. It’s really good, kind of folksy as you might expect. I wonder how weird that would be to go on tour with your mom — especially given the fact that he is a single dude who is insanely talented and the ladies love him. Wonder if they have gouda cheese in their dressing room.
  • Speaking of music — I recently discovered Thirty Seconds to Mars, thanks to a KILLER performance of City of Angels. Six months ago I didn’t even know who Jared Leto was, but now I can join the legions of sorority girls and the angst ridden 20-something boys chasing them. I’m also taking up skateboarding and rolling my pants up so you can see my flashy socks.
  1. rossJ says:

    No – it’s great. You are a loyal SFCS-head. Munchkin is ready to face time again with you. She’s really good at saying bah-bye and waving.

  2. whosyourbennie says:

    Is it bad that I enjoy your random musings most of all? 🙂 We miss you guys! I wanna FaceTime with the munchkin. She can show us all of her jewelry!

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